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  • Welcome To Barton's!

Bartons’ Wilderness Adventures is home to some of New Brunswick’s best game hunting.

Over the years we’ve had plenty of hunters bring their wives or family members in our site. All of them enjoyed every minute of their Barton’s hunting experience. It is true! The more the merrier, after all, it is an experience of a lifetime. Speaking of hunters, I meant all hunters including gals, Hunting at Barton’s is a little out of the ordinary. From comfortable accomodation, through great food and preparation, Barton’s services will put you in awe.What makes us even more unique is our hospitality and the “Barton’s Difference”. Our hunting areas cover a varied landscape – cedar swamps and pine ridges. So explore our website and take the advantage of the opportunity for a memorable experience, a chance to bag a trophy bear, deer or moose that you have dreamed of.

Great Hunting

Bartons’ Wilderness Adventures takes great pride in providing a quality hunt during which you will be exposed to the beauty and vastness of the Canadian landscape. Hunting areas consist mainly of cedar swamps, pine ridges and old growth cut-overs. Much of the the hunting is done over baited stations. The average black bear will be in the 200 – 300 pound range, with the chance of a 450 pound trophy bear.

Trip Information

Home cooked meals and shot showers ? We offer them in our family oriented Lodge. To set you in the mood for your hunt, you can sit by the pond, hike our trails or just relax while sitting on the verandah overlooking the lake. When you book with us, we will provide you with the list of gears needed for your trip. Linceses and permits will be taken care of for you after we receive your complete identification.

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