Trip Information

The Bartons’ Difference

Home cooked meals and shot showers ? We offer them in our family oriented Lodge. To set you in the mood for your hunt, you can sit by the pond, hike our trails or just relax while sitting on the verandah overlooking the lake. When you book with us, we will provide you with the list of gears needed for your trip. Linceses and permits will be taken care of for you after we receive your complete identification.

The hunts usually last for 5 days and cost as lottle as $1350.00 U.S. funds.

What if you finished your game early? That is not a problem, we’ll sit around a bonfire, go fishing or even have a game of horseshoes. We’ll even cook your prize for the dish you want for everyone to enjoy!!

For Spring and Fall we have Rifle and bow hunting that is well camoflagued in tree stands available just for you. More are waiting for you and your group at Barton’s Wilderness Adventures!

Trophy Preparation

With the help of our guides all games will be ensured that they are properly skinned and prepared by our taxidermist. Our taxidermist provides valuable service for those clients that wishes to have their trophy prepared locally. We’ll provide his information and reference list that can be accessed by all clients.