The Ultimate Bear Hunting Rifle Setup

There are areas where bear hunting is legal. They are hunted for their meat, which tastes really good according to most people who have tried it and they are also hunted for their fur. Another reason to hunt them is the simple fact of controlling them in the most bear populated areas, such as Canada. Regardless of why you choose to hunt bears, knowing the best bear hunting rifle setup is crucial to a successful hunt. Here are a few tips to help you discover what you need.

Do You Need a New Gun?

For the most part, all gun types are acceptable for hunting bear so most people do agree that if you already have a larger game, deer or wild boar rifle, you will not need to upgrade your gun. Rather than first questioning if you have the right type, you need to know where you will be shooting. There are some who can bear hunt in an open field, those people need a rifle that shoots a cartridge for long distances and straight. If you are going to end up baiting the bear or having your dog track him, you may end up needing to fire at close range.

This means you do not need to worry about the cartridge length as much as you need to worry about having the best short range scope you can find. For this you may need to read up on all the rifle scope reviews that you can find and perhaps considering your option to purchase a scope that is more suitable for your needs. In this case, you should search for the best rifle scope for the money and most people do suggest having a highlighted area inside of it to ensure accuracy.

Choose Your Bullets Wisely

Bears are not known for being small in all areas of the world. Some bear in areas will reach a couple hundred pounds maximum. In other areas, they may reach as much as 500 pounds. Your gun and the scope you have on it are only impressive if the bullets are also good enough. It is recommended that you use stout bullets. Premium bullets that are designed to penetrate deep are best because of the way built. Their legs are very strong, their shoulders are dense, and their back muscles are very strong. Whether you have a shot that is easy to make and dead on target or if you have to work at it to get the right hit, you will fare a lot better with this type of bullet.

Know Where to Aim

This is another area where a good scope can help you the most. If your scope is too high powered for the target area to be close, you will end up firing at a blob of color. If the scope is not detailed enough, your aim may be off and you will end up misfiring and either only causing injury to the bear or have him take off. As a worst case scenario, he could even run into your direction. The best possible scope can help you aim in an area of the bear that is easier to hit and one that will cause death to happen quickly. It is more humane and better for all if you hit in the head or the chest. Therefore, aim wisely and you will have a more successful hunting experience.


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